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​31 Days of Sustainability 

Join Baptist College for the 1st annual College Sustainability Challenge.
Each day, complete the green suggestion-of-the-day for steps to make Baptist College a greener community.


Week One
Day 1 Take a shorter shower
Day 2 Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
Day 3 Use a reusable water bottle
Day 4 Recycle
Day 5 Go one day without printing
Day 6 Use reusable dishes to bring your lunch
Day 7 Buy organic foods

Week Two
Day 8 Take a shower instead of a bath
Day 9 Use rainfall to water indoor plants
Day 10 Walk to lunch instead of driving
Day 11 Switch to non-toxic cleaning supplies
Day 12 Unplug appliances when not in use
Day 13 Wash clothes in cold water
Day 14 Eat one meatless meal

Week Three
Day 15 Buy in bulk to save on packaging
Day 16 Turn the lights off for 1 hour or more
Day 17 Donate unused electronics/phones
Day 18 Schedule an energy audit with MLGW
Day 19 Wash your dishes by hand
Day 20 Don't charge your phone overnight
Day 21 Make a one-pot meal

Week Four
Day 22 Turn the heat/AC off for 1 hour
Day 23 Boycott Styrofoam or plastic
Day 24 Attend Chapel
Day 25 Use recyclable shopping bags
Day 26 Attend College Sustainability Event
Day 27 Change out light bulbs to compact florescent bulbs
Day 28 Plant something green - participate in the Baptist College Community Garden planting

Week Five
Day 29 Use a cup of warm water to rinse your razor instead of using the tap
Day 30 Use a drying rack/clothes line to dry clothes
Day 31 ​​Use a microwave for a meal instead of an oven